I Respect Trump More Than I Respect This Guy

(For the sake of clarity, I respect Trump because I respect his children. I mean, I don’t know what that means but I’m just quoting Hillary Clinton here because otherwise, I can’t think of a reason. I doubt even Clinton knows what it means)

To be honest, I wanted to write this post a week ago when Ben Carson refused to retract his vote for Trump despite Trump’s lewd remarks about women. The link gives you a list of people who have retracted their votes, are retracting their votes or are still behind Trump.

In other news, that I must put at the top of my entry, donate to Rob Delaney’s amazing cause to give money to the opponents of all the twats who jumped off the Trump train only after the crude comments (BECAUSE YOU KNOW, SAYING MEXICANS ARE RAPISTS, WANTING TO BAN MUSLIMS, WANTING TO BUILD A WALL AND ALL WERE NOT ENOUGH REASONS TO DITCH THE TALKING ORANGE CLOWN MONTHS AGO). Delaney said it best here:

… fuck you. No. I am going to give money – and encourage others to give money – to the people running against you if you formally un-endorsed Trump on or after October 7, the day the tape was played for America. Nope, you are welded to Trump until the end, you spineless shit loaves.

… I’m talking about the real garbage, the people who want it both ways; the people who got on the train, and now want to get off. Fuck you baby, you’re on the train till it crashes into the American Electorate at full speed…


Alright, back to what I was saying – Ben Carson. I wanted to write this today because of him saying that it doesn’t matter if the women who accused Trump are lying or not and then proceeded to ask if the anchor’s mic could be turned off so he talk. I know, right? The nerve of some people. Carson’s an enigma I cannot begin to unravel and even explain. I’m singling him out of everyone who is still behind Trump because he’s black. Yeah, I actually do have a non-bigoted point so keep reading.

It’s no secret that Trump does not give a fuck about the black community or other minorities in any way. Just the way he speaks about immigrants (specifically non-white immigrants cause y’know, Melania’s fine because she’s white and happens to be hot) and how he conflates inner cities with black people is so telling about how he feels towards minorities. Throughout all his debates, he has never given a simple or even well thought-out answer about how he plans to tackle the hate crime that black people face. You know why? Because he doesn’t have one. Why would he want to formulate plans to fix a problem if he doesn’t care about it in the first place? Admittedly, Hillary’s answers were not as concrete as they could have been but it was miles better than Trump’s blatant non-answers and question-dodging.

So why, why, WHY would you, as a black man in an influential position of power, not take this opportunity to help your own community instead of backing this worthless human trash Trump? It’s my personal belief but I genuinely think there needs to be a heavy dose of self-hatred in play here for Carson to be able to separate himself from the black community and look inwards and be able to endorse Trump. It’s the same analogy of someone who is so deep in the closet they have to deny themselves their sexuality and express their own self-hatred by being openly aggressive towards other LGBT people who are out.

Carson says that the black community needs someone who understands economics to help them. How about… no Carson? I’m no politician but maybe black people may not be on equal footing at the moment financially in the US and that is not due to bad economic policies. Because if it were, it would have affected everyone in the US. It’s a combination of prejudice, racism and discrimination that has caused it. That’s the problem. Having Trump in power exacerbates that problem it doesn’t fix it because the solution you’re citing is not the solution they need.

Carson, fam, you’re a doing great deal of injustice to your own community and people by going around acting like a real tool. You’re slightly worse than everyone else still involved in Trump’s campaign and Trump himself. Those people? They’re not in the direct frontline of discrimination unlike your community. And they know this. Which is why it isn’t an issue for them to support Trump because they are the people benefiting from their privilege now and this privilege is going to be even more prominent with Trump as president. So they have absolutely no incentive (unless they’re people with good morals but “good morals” and “Trump supporter” are antonyms so…) not to stand behind him but you do. Your heritage and culture and race dictate that YOU DO. As a politician, and as someone with power, you should be standing up for your community not throwing them under the bus this way. How can you possible look at the Black Lives Matter activists and police brutality towards black people and STILL be a driving force for a candidate who will ensure that the situation will worsen for minorities.

So in other words, Carson, you ain’t shit.

You can also tell I’m writing this right after reading the original CNN post that triggered this outburst because I’ve forgone any semblance of composure.

Also, I’ve picked the ugliest free-to-share picture of Trump I could find.

Top Photo Credit – Gage Skidmore


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